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Author/Editor:    Bremner, J. Gavin. Slater, Alan M. , Bremner, J. Gavin. Slater, Alan M.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (6 vols)
Pages:    2168
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Apr 2014
LCC:    RJ134
DDC:    155.4
Price:    AUD 2,188.18 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781446267172
ISBN10:   1446267172
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Description: Edited by two internationally-renowned researchers on infancy, this 5-volume setbrings together influential works which explore the key conceptual issues andfindings in research on infant development. With a strong focus on thecontemporary research and ideas around the topic, the set also contains classicpapers which have made important contributions to current images of infancy,ensuring that a historical account of infancy research emerges from thesevolumes as well as an account of the current state of play. The first volumecontains an introduction to the full collection, in which the editors provide anoverview of the literature and a guide to the relationships between topics andthe key theoretical controversies that have concerned investigators throughoutthe history of the discipline.Volume I: Prenatal development and atypicaldevelopmentVolume II: Atypical developmentVolume III: Perceptual and motordevelopmentVolume IV: Cognition, first words, and languageVolume V: SocialDevelopment.

Contents: VOLUME ONE: THE BEGINNINGS OF LIFE: FOETAL DEVELOPMENT, ATYPICAL DEVELOPMENT ANDBASIC SENSORY ABILITIESPrenatal Development, Risk Factors and Atypical DevelopmentPart One: Embryonic Period to Foetal Period (Normal Developing)Developmental Change in Fetal Response to Repeated Low-Intensity Sound - SeiichiMorokuma et al.Evidence of Transnatal Auditory Learning - Christine Moon and William FiferNewborn Infants Prefer the Maternal Low-Pass Filtered Voice, but Not theMaternal Whispered Voice - Melanie Spence and Mark FreemanPart Two: Effects of Risk Factors on the Foetus (Teratogens)Fetal Alchohol Syndrome and the Developing Socio-Emotional Brain - AlisonNicholsThe Factors Contributing to the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - E.Athanasakis S. Karavasiliadou and I. StyliadisPrenatal Antecedents of Newborn Neurological Maturation - Janet DiPietro et al.Cognitive Outcomes of Preschool Children with Prenatal Cocaine Exposure - LynnSinger et al.Part Three: Atypical Development '“ Down Syndrome, Sensorially Impaired,Multiple Impairments, Origins of Autism in Infancy PeriodThe Development of Joint Attention in Blind Infants - Ann BigelowAutism during Infancy: A Retrospective Video Analysis of Sensori-Motor andSocial Behaviors at 9-12 Months of Age - Grace BaranekAtypical Perceptual Narrowing in Prematurely Born Infants Is Associated withCompromised Language Acquisition at 2 Years of Age - Eira Jansson-Verkasalo etal.Atypical Object Exploration at 12 Months of Age Is Associated with Autism in aProspective Sample - Sally Ozonoff et al.Contingency Learning in 9-Month-Old Infants with Down Syndrome - P.S. Ohr andJ.W. FagenPerceptual and Motor DevelopmentPart Four: Basic Visual and Auditory AbilitiesDevelopment of Human Visual Function - Oliver Braddick and Janette AtkinsonDevelopment of Visual Perception - Scott JohnsonWhere Infants Look Determines How They See: Eye Movements and Object PerceptionPerformance in 3-Month-Olds - Scott Johnson, Jonathan Slemmer and Dima AsmoThe Development of a Human Auditory Localization Response: A U-Shaped Function -Darwin Muir, Rachel Clifton and Marsha ClarksonOne-Year-Old Infants Follow Others' Voice Direction - Federico Rossano, MalindaCarpenter and Michael TomaselloVOLUME TWO: MEMORY DEVELOPMENT AND OBJECT PERCEPTIONPart One: Object Perception, Including Perceptual Constancies and MemoryDevelopmentSize Constancy at Birth: Newborn Infants' Responses to Retinal and Real Size -Alan Slater, Anne Mattock and Elizabeth BrownWhat Do Infants Remember When They Forget? Location and Identity in6-Month-Olds' Memory for Objects - Melissa Kibbe and Alan LeslieDissociations in Infancy Memory: Rethinking the Development of Implicit andExplicit Memory - Carolyn Rovee-CollierThe Ontogeny of Long-Term Retention during the Second Year of Life - JaneHerbert and Harlene HaynePart Two: Perceptual Categories, Causality, Perception of Animate A

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