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Transnational organised crime.
Author/Editor:    Sheptycki, James. , Sheptycki, James W. E.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    1432
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Mar 2014
LCC:    HV6441
DDC:    364.106
Price:    AUD 1,102.73 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781446274040
ISBN10:   1446274047
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Description: Transnational organized crime (TOC) has emerged as a major idea in theconceptual field of global governance. Studies of TOC intersect with disparatecriminological issues inhabiting apparently different domains: comparativecriminal justice, migration studies, transnational policing and the politicalsociology of crime, to name just a few. The four-volume structure of this majorwork enables coverage of the historic development of its conceptualization,critical definitional and socio-political issues, empirical case studies andrealist formulations of the problem area as well as theoretical, normativedebates, alternative conceptual formulations and policy choices. Each volumecontains an introduction illustrating and contextualizing the main themes ineach section. Volume One: Definitions and Theories Volume Two: Origins,Resources, Organization Volume Three: Organized Crime and the Penetration ofMarkets Volume Four: Organized Crime and Popular Culture, States and Terrorism

Contents: VOLUME ONE: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVESPreface to the Collection - James SheptyckiIntroduction - James SheptyckiWar Making and State Making as Organized Crime - Charles TillyEconomic Consequences of Organized Violence - Frederic LaneCrime as an American Way of Life - Daniel BellIllegal Enterprise: A Theoretical and Historical Interpretation - Mark HallerThe Ethnic Vice Industry, 1880'“1944 - Ivan LightThe Notorious Purple Gang: Detroit's All Jewish Prohibition Era Mob - RobertRockawayMafia, the Prototypical Alien Conspiracy - Dwight Smith JrThe Black Hand: A Study in Moral Panic - Robert LombardoHistory and the Study of Organized Crime - Alan BlockVice, Corruption, Bureaucracy and Power - William ChamblissCorruption and Organized Crime: Lessons from History - Margaret BeareThe Decline of the American Mafia - Peter ReuterTransnational Organized Crime; The Strange Career of an American Concept -Michael WoodiwissTransnational Organized Crime; thinking in and out of Plato's Cave - Petrus vanDuyne and Mark NelemansThe Mafia and Al Qaeda: Violent and Secretive Organizations in Comparative andHistorical Perspective - Jane Schneider and Peter SchneiderVOLUME TWO: DEFINITIONAL AND METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES, CONSTRUCTIONIST AND CRITICALPERSPECTIVESIntroduction - James SheptyckiThe Symbols of the Mafia - Diego GambettaThe Secret History of Japanese Cinema: The Yakuza Movies - Federico VareseMethodological Problems in the Study of Organized Crime as a Social Problem -Donald CresseyThe Organized Crime Continuum: A Further Specification of a New Conceptual Model- Frank HaganProblems of Definition: What is Organized Crime? - James FinckenauerIdentifying Counting and Categorizing Transnational Criminal Organizations -Louise ShelleyMafia Markers: Assessing Organized Crime and Its Impact upon Societies - Jan VanDijkInto the Thick of It: Methodological Issues in Studying the Drug Trade in theGolden Triangle - Ko-Lin ChinAssessing Organised Crime: The Sad State of an Impossible Art - Petrus van Duyneand Maarten van DijckThe Politics of '˜Transnational Organized Crime': Discourse, Reflexivity andthe Narration of '˜Threat' - Adam Edwards and Pete GillOrganized Evil and the Atlantic Alliance; Moral Panics and the Rhetoric ofOrganized Crime and Policing in Britain and America - Michael Woodiwiss and DickHobbsThe Media Construction of Financial White Collar Crimes - Michael LeviTransnational Crime as a Productive Fiction - Jude McCullochVOLUME THREE: REALIST PERSPECTIVES ON ORGANIZED AND TRANSNATIONAL ORGANIZEDCRIMEIntroduction - James SheptyckiAnticipating Organized and Transnational Crime - Roy Godson and Phil WilliamsUnraveling the New Criminal Nexus - Louise ShelleyA Crime-Terror Nexus? Thinking on Some of the Links between Terrorism andCriminality - Steven Hutchinson and Pat O'MalleyCareer Opportunities and Network-Based Privileges in the Cosa Nostra - CarloMorse

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