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Neurodevelopmental disorders.
Author/Editor:    Karmiloff-Smith, Annette. Thomas, Michael. , Karmiloff-Smith, Annette. Thomas, Michael.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (5 vols)
Pages:    1664
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Sep 2014
LCC:    BF713
DDC:    616.8588
Price:    AUD 1,508.18 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781446272442
ISBN10:   1446272443
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Description: The study of developmental disorders is an enormous and intrinsicallymulti-disciplinary field of research. The articles in this five-volumecollection cover the myriad genetic and non-genetic developmentalpsychopathological conditions which are now known and being researched from avariety of perspectives, from dyslexia to autism and beyond. Covering a broadrange of considerations around the topic, the papers in this major work seek tocapture historical antecedents, contemporary themes, conceptual issues andcutting-edge methods in the study of human neurodevelopmental disorders. Eachvolume opens with a contextualising introductory passage written by the editorsand the volumes are organised thematically for ease of navigation:Volume One:Disorder Typology and explanatory frameworks Volume Two: Behaviourally defineddevelopmental disordersVolume Three: Genetically defined developmentaldisordersVolume Four: Developmental disorders and the environmentVolume Five:Multi-disciplinary approaches to developmental disorders

Contents: VOLUME ONE: DISORDER TYPOLOGY AND EXPLANATORY FRAMEWORKS Behavioral Inhibition,Sustained Attention, and Executive Functions: Constructing a Unifying Theory ofADHD - Russell Barkley A Comparative Study of Infantile Autism and SpecificDevelopmental Receptive Language Disorder: I. The Children - Lawrence Bartak,Michael Rutter and Antony Cox Developmental Aphasia and Brain Damage - ArthurBenton The Effects of Early and Late Brain Injury upon Test Scores, and theNature of Normal Adult Intelligence - D.O. Hebb What Mental Retardation TeachesUs about Typical Development: The Examples of Sequences, Rates, and Cross-DomainRelations - Robert Hodapp and Jacob Burack Autistic Disturbances of AffectiveContact - Leo Kanner Development Itself Is the Key to UnderstandingDevelopmental Disorders - Annette Karmiloff-Smith Developmental Dyscalculia -Ladislav Kosc Language Disorders in Childhood - Eric Lenneberg Concepts ofAutism: A Review of Research - Michael Rutter Defects of Non-Verbal AuditoryPerception in Children with Developmental Aphasia - Paula Tallal and M. PiercyCognitive Neuropsychology and Its Application to Children - Christine TempleBehaviour after Cerebral Lesions in Children and Adults - Hans-Lukas Teuber andRita Rudel Using Developmental Trajectories to Understand DevelopmentalDisorders - Michael Thomas et al.VOLUME TWO: BEHAVIOURALLY DEFINED DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS Does the AutisticChild Have a ?Theory of Mind??? - Simon Baron-Cohen, Alan Leslie and Uta FrithNonword Repetition as a Behavioural Marker for Inherited Language Impairment:Evidence from a Twin Study - D.V.M. Bishop, T. North and C. Donlan ACase-Control Family History Study of Autism - P. Bolton et al. Delay versusDeviance in the Language Acquisition of Language-Impaired Children - SusanCurtiss, William Katz and Paula Tallal Schizophrenia: Caused by a Fault inProgrammed Synaptic Elimination during Adolescence? - I. Feinberg DevelopmentalDyslexia: Four Consecutive Patients with Cortical Anomalies - Albert Galaburdaet al. Mathematical Disabilities: Cognitive, Neuropsychological, and GeneticComponents - David Geary Ameliorating Early Reading Failure by Integrating theTeaching of Reading and Phonological Skills: The Phonological Linkage Hypothesis- Peter Hatcher, Charles Hulme and Andrew Ellis Developmental Prosopagnosia. ASingle Case Report - Helen McConachie Adolescence-Limited andLife-Course-Persistent Antisocial Behavior: A Developmental Taxonomy - TerrieMoffitt Familial Mental Retardation - Paul Nichols Specific Language Impairmentas a Period of Extended Optional Infinitive - Mabel Rice, Kenneth Wexler andPatricia Cleave Very Early Language Deficits in Dyslexic Children - HollisScarborough Treatment of Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome with Haloperidol -Arthur Shapiro and Elaine Shapiro Movement Analysis in Infancy May Be Useful forthe Early Diagnosis of Autism - Philip Teitelbaum et al.VOLUME THREE: GENETICALL

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