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Historical International Relations.
Author/Editor:    Carvalho, Benjamin de. Leira, Halvard. , de Carvalho, Benjamin. Leira, Halvard.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    1480
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Aug 2015
LCC:    JZ1305
DDC:    327.101
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ISBN:   9781473902206
ISBN10:   1473902207
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Description: As a quarry for data, testing-ground for theory and site of investigation,history has been one of the unacknowledged partners of International Relations.The last two decades has witnessed both a substantial increase in the scope ofhistorical IR scholarship and in the sophistication of methodological approachesto history, accompanied by a rapidly increasing (and multidisciplinary) interestin the history of international thought, as well as an ever more sophisticatedhistoriography of the discipline itself. This Major Work is structured in a wayto engage with the key recent developments in the field of internationalrelations, providing the reader with an overview of approaches to history in IR;the history of international thought/historiography; and the emergence of thestate and the state system.Volume One: Doing Historical InternationalRelationsVolume Two: The History of International ThoughtVolume Three: The Statein Historical PerspectiveVolume Four: The State System in Historical Perspective

Contents: VOLUME ONE: DOING HISTORICAL INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSPart One: Classic Takes Why Is There No International Theory? - Martin WightInternational Relations: The Long Road to Theory - Stanley HoffmannInternational Relations and the Relevance of History - Arthur GilbertPart Two: Reconceptualizations History and Structure in the Theory ofInternational Relations - Rob Walker Diplomatic History and InternationalRelations Theory: Respecting Difference and Crossing Boundaries - Colin Elmanand Miriam Elman The Pragmatics of International History - Donald Puchala TheHistorical Problem in International Relations - Thomas Smith Still ?MarkingTime'? Text, Discourse and Truth in International History - Patrick FinneyPart Three: Ways of Doing Historical International Relations On the HistoricalImagination of International Relations: The Case for a ?Deweyan Reconstruction'- Jonathan Isacoff What's at Stake in ?Bringing Historical Sociology Back' intoInternational Relations? Transcending ?Chronofetishism' and ?Tempocentrism' inInternational Relations - John Hobson International Relations and the ?Problemof History' - Nick Vaughan-Williams History, Action and Identity: Revisiting the?Second' Great Debate and Assessing Its Importance for Social Theory - FriedrichKratochwil Narrative Explanation and International Relations: Back to Basics -Hidemi Suganami What Is History in International Relations? - John Hobson andGeorge Lawson What's at Stake in the Historical Turn? Theory, Practice andPhronesis in International Relations - David McCourtVOLUME TWO: THE HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL THOUGHTPart One: Rethinking International Thought The International Turn inIntellectual History - David Armitage Why International Relations TheoristsShould Stop Reading Thucydides - David Welch Justus Lipsius, Political Humanismand the Disciplining of 17th Century Statecraft - Halvard Leira The ForgottenProphet: Tom Paine's Cosmopolitanism and International Relations - Thomas WalkerJustice, Order and Anarchy: The International Political Theory of Pierre-JosephProudhon (1809-1865) - Alex PritchardPart Two: International Relations before the Discipline Birth of a Discipline -Robert Vitalis Origins and Originality: IR Scholarship before World War I -Torbjørn Knutsen Feminism, War and the Prospects for Peace - Lucian AshworthPart Three: Reconceptualizing Disciplinary History The Myth of the ?First GreatDebate' - Peter Wilson Lessons from the Past: Reassessing the InterwarDisciplinary History of International Relations - Brian Schmidt Who Killed theInternational Studies Conference? - David Long The Construction of an Edifice:The Story of a First Great Debate - Joel Quirk and Darshan Vigneswaran TheRealist Gambit: Postwar American Political Science and the Birth of IR Theory -Nicolas Guilhot Writing the World: Disciplinary History and Beyond - Duncan BellThe Big Bangs of IR: The Myths That Your Teachers Still Tell You ab

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