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Selected Correspondence of William Huggins
Author/Editor:    Becker, Barbara J.
Publisher:    Pickering & Chatto Publishers
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (2 vols)
Pages:    1100
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jun 2014
LCC:    QB460.72
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ISBN:   9781848934153
ISBN10:   1848934157
9781781447239  2014  Edition: 1st ed.
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9781781447239  2014  Edition: 1st ed.
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Description: William Huggins (1824–1910) was celebrated in his lifetime as the father ofastrophysics. Huggins was also the author of numerous groundbreaking articlesdocumenting his use of the spectroscope to analyse the light from celestialbodies.From the earliest days of his career Huggins was regularly in contact with otherscientists, including astronomers, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and themakers of scientific instruments.Correspondents include Ernest Rutherford (pioneer of atomic physics), ThomasRomney Robinson (director of the Armagh Observatory), George Gabriel Stokes andJoseph Larmor (each served as Physical Secretary of the Royal Society), Thomasand Howard Grubb (father and son, makers of telescopes in Dublin), David Gill(director of the Royal Observatory at the Cape in South Africa) and GeorgeEllery Hale (director of the Kenwood Astrophysical Observatory and founder ofmany others).This edition includes over 1,000 letters and excerpts from Huggins’sobservatory notebooks. The documents, the majority of which are previouslyunpublished, reveal the important role that Huggins played in the development ofastrophysics. Editorial apparatus situates the letters in their scientific andhistorical context. The edition will be of interest to those researchingastrophysics, astronomy, the history of instruments and the history of sciencemore generally.

Contents: Volume 1General IntroductionEditorial PrinciplesAbbreviationsSelect Bibliography: Publications of HugginsOfficers of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1850–1915Officers of the Royal Society of London, 1850–1915Timeline of Astronomical Events, 1850–1910Selected Correspondence, 1859–1889Volume 2Selected Correspondence, 1890–1915Biographical Glossary and IndexSubject IndexCorrespondents:William de Wiveleslie Abney; Henry Wentworth Dyke Acland; George Biddell Airy;Edwin Ashworth; Edward Emerson Barnard; Thomas George Bonney; William HenryBragg; John Brashear; Robert Bunsen; Charles Pritchard Butler; William WallaceCampbell; Hugh Culling Eardley Childers; William Henry Mahoney Christie; RobertBellamy Clifton; Andrew Ainslie Common; William Crookes; Charles Darwin; GeorgeDarwin; Warren de la Rue; Lucien Delloye; James Dewar; Anna Palmer Draper; HenryDraper; John William Draper; Frank Watson Dyson; John Evans; George FrancisFitzGerald; Williamina Fleming; Richard Samuel Floyd; Michael Foster; EdwardFrankland; Francis Galton; David Gill; Harry Manley Goodwin; James Graham; JohnWalter Gregory; Howard Grubb; Thomas Grubb; George Ellery Hale; Lord GeorgeFrancis Hamilton; Robert Harrison; Lt John Herschel; John F W Herschel; EdwardSingleton Holden; Margaret Lindsay Huggins; Pierre Jules Janssen; LucienJouvaud; James Keeler; Alfred Bray Kempe; Samuel Kinns; Ernst Friedrich WilhelmKlinkerfues; Edward Ball Knobel; Joseph Larmor; H A Lawrance; George DowningLiveing; Joseph Norman Lockyer; Clements Markham; Edward Walter Maunder; JamesClerk Maxwell; William Allen Miller; Julia Montefiore; James Nasmyth; Hugh FrankNewall; Robert Stirling Newall; Lawrence Parsons, 4th Earl of Rosse; EdwardCharles Pickering; William Henry Pickering; Charles Pritchard; Richard AnthonyProctor; William Ramsay; Arthur Cowper Ranyard; Ira Remsen; George HenryRichards; George Willis Ritchey; Henry Enfield Roscoe; Henry Augustus Rowland; AW Rücker; Ernest Rutherford; Edward Sabine; Samuel Arthur Saunder; ArchibaldHenry Sayce; John Martin Schaeberle; Arthur Schuster; Thomas Jefferson JacksonSee; William Sharpey; William Robertson Smith; Charles Piazzi Smyth; MarySomerville; William Spottiswoode; George Gabriel Stokes; Edward James Stone;Alexander Strange; John William Strutt, Lord Raleigh; Otto Wilhelm von Struve;Anna Swanwick; Henry Richard Tedder; James Francis Tennant; William Thomson,Lord Kelvin; David Peck Todd; Herbert Hall Turner; Augustus Desirée Waller;William Henry Wesley; Walter White; Sarah Frances Whiting; Charles Ray Woods;Charles Augustus Young; Fedor Rudolph Ziel

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