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Human Rights in Asia and the Pacific.
Author/Editor:    Renshaw, Catherine. Saul, Ben.
Publisher:    Routledge c/- Taylor & Francis
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    1554
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jul 2014
LCC:    JC599.A78H8338 2014
DDC:    323.095
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ISBN:   9780415834674
ISBN10:   0415834678
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Description: While the Asia Pacific region is one of the world's largest by population size, it has long been known for having the least developed regional and national institutional mechanisms for protecting human rights, particularly compared to the well-developed systems in Europe, the Americas, and increasingly in Africa. Asia has the least uptake of human rights treaties of any region in the world, and serious human rights violations are documented as occurring in numerous countries in the region. Asia has also presented conceptual challenges to the universality of international human rights, for instance through arguments about 'Asian values' (the collective over the individual, the economic over the political, compromise over adjudication) being inconsistent with western notions of rights. At the same time, innovative human rights practices and protections have been developed in some jurisdictions, and increasingly at the transnational level. There is increasing scholarly and practitioner interest in human rights in the Asia and Pacific regions, driven in part by recent efforts by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) to enhance human rights protections in those sub-regions. This edited collection makes a timely and distinctive contribution to the literature by bringing together the leading scholars in the field who have written across the gamut of thematic human rights issues in Asia and the Pacific. A particular strength of the collection is its inclusion of significant Asian and Pacific authors, who are sometimes under-represented in the mainstream legal debates. The work will be of interest to a scholarly and student audience in law (international, comparative Asian, public, constitutional, and human rights), as well as to readers in international relations, political science, Asian studies, and human rights.

Contents: VOLUME I: The Contexts of Human Rights in Asia and the PacificPart 1: History, Culture, Values, Politics, Religion, and Economics1.2: Pacific Perspectives1.3: Religion and Human Rights1.4: Economics and Human RightsVOLUME II: International and Regional Protection of Human Rights in Asia and the PacificPart 2: International Human Rights Treaties and United Nations Human Rights InstitutionsPart 3: Regional Human Rights InstitutionsPart 4: Transnational and Bilateral Influences and Impacts on Human RightsPart 5: Civil Society and Human RightsVOLUME III: National Protection of Human Rights in the Asia-PacificPart 6: National Human Rights Institutions in Asia and the PacificPart 7: Constitutional, Legislative, and Judicial Protection of Human RightsPart 8: Accountability for Serious Human Rights ViolationsVOLUME IV: Selected Thematic Human Rights Issues in Asia and the PacificPart 9: Self-Determination; Indigenous Peoples' RightsPart 10: Minority Rights and Cultural RightsPart 11: Socio-Economic RightsPart 12: Rights of Refugees and Migrants

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