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Sexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span 2e, Volume 2: Evaluation of Children and Adults
Author/Editor:    Copeland, Rachell A., Faugno, Diana K., Kaplan, Rich., Speck, Patricia M., Weaver, Michael L.
Publisher:    STM Learning Inc
Pubn Place:    US
Binding:    pbk.
Physical Media:    book
Pages:    344
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jan 2017
LCC:    RC556
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ISBN:   9781936590025
ISBN10:   1936590026
9781936590018  2017  
pbk.  book

9781936590032  2017  
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Description: 344 pages, 253 images, 26 contributors This second volume focuses on theparticular needs of sexual assault survivors in various age groups, includingchapters on child sexual abuse and sexual violence against adolescents, adults,and the elderly. Readers will enjoy the benefit of specially tailoredinstruction on the care and assessment of survivors in all of these age groups,emphasizing the unique needs of each. Social service workers, law enforcementpersonnel, medical practitioners, and prosecuting attorneys will all benefitfrom a versatile, multidisciplinary study of sexual assault in specific agegroups across the life span, complete with more than 200 full-color photosprovided by expert investigators working in the field.

Contents: Chapter 1: Overview of Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Exploitation Chapter 2:Sexually Transmitted Infections in Sexually Abused Children Chapter 3: Screeningfor and Treatment of Sexual Abuse Histories in Boys and Male Adolescents Chapter4: Dating Violence in Teens and Young Adults Chapter 5: Overview of Adolescentand Adult Sexual Assault Chapter 6: The Evaluation of the Adult Sexual AssaultVictim Chapter 7: Adult Male Sexual Assault Chapter 8: Sexual Assault AmongOlder Adults Chapter 9: Sexually Transmitted Infections and PregnancyProphylaxis in Adolescents and Adults Chapter 10: Forensic Issues in Caring forthe Adult Sexual Assault Victim Chapter 11: The Team Approach to Caring forPatients Who Have Experienced Alcohol- and/or Drug Facilitated Sexual Abuse

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