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Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition
Author/Editor:    Khosrow-Pour, Mehdi. Hosseini, M. Reza. Fasso, Wendy. Watson, Jason. Foley, Jacob. Wilson, Concepcion. Mkrttchian, Vardan. Moon, Jane. Sajeev, ASM. Fong, Michelle. Salibindla, Sravan reddy. McKee, James. Nunn, Andrew. Seyedi, MirHojjat. Wijaya, Stevanus. Chileshe, Nicholas. Najmaei, Arash. Liew, Alan Wee-Chung. Yigitcanlar, Tan. Platt, Rebecca. Lai, Daniel. Tuffley, David. Andrei, Daniela. Santhiranayagam, Braveena K. DUONG, Linh. Begg, Rezaul. Li, Yu-Chang. Knight, Cecily. Lui, Keith. Lin, Chad. Askarany, Davood. Fan, Qiuyan. Stemmet, Lehan. Ahmed, M. Daud. Teräs, Hanna. Bruce, Christine. Kibret, Behailu. Jalleh, Geoffrey. Church, William. Reiners, Torsten. Knight, Bruce Allen. Wickramasinghe, Nilmini. Ragan, Mark. Jayasuriya, Surani. Thompson, Nik. D', Ambra John. Welch, Mitchell. Wood, Lincoln. Zayegh, Aladin. Wafai, Linah. Woulfe, John. Sellitto, Carmine. Akter, Shahriar. McGill, Tanya. Gregory, Sue. Correia, Eduardo. Soliman, Fawzy. Kwan, Paul. Voges, Kevin. Wei, Xiaochen. Hart, G
Publisher:    IGI Global
Pubn Place:    US
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (10 vols)
Pages:    10384
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Aug 2014
LCC:    Z1006.E566
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Price:    AUD 6,830.86 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781466658882
ISBN10:   1466658886
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Description: Information acquisition and management has always had a profound impact on societal and organizational progression. However, as computing dramatically advances the level of intelligence associated with management technologies, the breadth of their dispersal, and ultimately the impact of the information itself, the utilization and management of information science and technology also gains profound importance. This change-driven environment creates a critical need for a comprehensive, up-to-date reference encompassing the full range of concepts, issues, methods, technologies, and trends associated with the field.The Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition is a 10-volume compilation of authoritative, research-based articles contributed by thousands of researchers and experts from all over the world. This discipline-defining encyclopedia will serve research needs in numerous fields that are affected by the rapid pace and substantial impact of technological change. With an emphasis on modern issues and the presentation of potential opportunities, prospective solutions, and future directions in the field, it is a relevant and essential addition to any academic library’s reference collection.

Contents: Accounting and Finance; Civil Engineering; Clinical Science and Technologies; Computer Engineering; Data Analysis and Statistics; Digital Communications and Linguistics; Electronic Government; Environmental Science and Agriculture; Global Information Technology; Health Information Systems; Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Management; Human Resources Development; Industrial Informatics; Information Resources Management; Knowledge Management; Library Science and Administration; Management Science; Mobile and Wireless Computing; Networking and Telecommunications; Political science; Social Networking and Computing; Systems and Software Engineering; Virtual Learning Environments; Web Technologies;

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