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Tourism and Development.
Author/Editor:    Sharpley, Richard. , Sharpley, Richard.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Ltd UK
Pubn Place:    UK
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (4 vols)
Pages:    1296
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Aug 2015
LCC:    G155.A1
DDC:    338.4791
Price:    AUD 1,143.64 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781473912410
ISBN10:   1473912415
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Description: Fundamental to the study of tourism is the relationship between tourism anddevelopment. Tourism represents a major sector of the global economy and, assuch, is considered by many to be an effective driver of economic growth anddevelopment in destination areas. Importantly, however, most destinations facewhat has been referred to as a an 'development dilemma'? Whilst the benefitsafforded by tourism, including income, foreign exchange and government revenuegeneration, employment, economic linkages, infrastructural development andenvironmental enhancement, are recognised, so too are the negative consequencesof tourism development. This Major Work illustrates tourism and developmentthrough a collection of key papers which have contributed to knowledge of anddebates in this significant area of tourism studies. The literature is framed byan extensive introductory chapter which highlights the key concepts, themes anddebates. Volume One: The Tourism-Development Dilemma: The Benefits and Costs ofTourismVolume Two: Tourism and Sustainable DevelopmentVolume Three: TourismAlternativesVolume Four: Contemporary Tourism and Development Issues

Contents: VOLUME ONE: THE TOURISM-DEVELOPMENT DILEMMA: THE BENEFITS AND COSTS OF TOURISMTourism's Role in Economic Development: The Case Re-Examined - J. DiamondAssessing the Impacts of Travel and Tourism '“ Measuring Economic Costs -Douglas FrechtlingTourism and Income Distribution in East Africa - Adam BlakeTourism Development and Economic Growth in Developing Countries - E. Ekanayakeand Aubrey LongA Conceptual Analysis of Tourism-Supported Employment Which Reduces theIncidence of Exaggerated, Misleading Statistics about Jobs - Neil LeiperTourism and Environmental Integration. The Journey from Idealism to Realism - R.DowlingGlobal Environmental Consequences of Tourism - Stefan GösslingResidents' Perceptions of the Cultural Benefits of Tourism - Antonia Besculides,Martha Lee and Peter McCormickInternational Tourism and Cultural Change in South-East Asia - Robert WoodSocial Impacts of Tourism: An Australian Regional Case Study - Cesar Tovar andMichael LockwoodHost Perceptions of Tourism: A Review of the Research - Richard SharpleyTourism and Development: Perplexity or Panacea? - Herbert KarielSmall Island Tourism: Development or Dependency? - R. BastinTourism, Capital and Place: Towards a Critical Geography of Tourism - S. BrittonTourism in Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities - Richard SharpleyThe Political Economy of Tourism. - A. PleumaromVOLUME TWO: TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTSustainable Tourism: An Evolving Global Approach - Bill Bramwell and BernardLaneSustainable Tourism: Research and Reality - Ralf BuckleyTourism, Environment and Sustainable Development - Richard ButlerEcotourism as Western Construct - Erlet CaterEnvironment, Economy and Society: Fitting Them Together into SustainableDevelopment - Bob Giddings, Bill Hopwood and Geoff O'BrienSustainable Tourism and the Touristic Ecological Footprint - Colin HunterThe Intellectual History of Development towards a Widening Potential Repertoire- Beniamin KnutssonSustainable Development: A Critical Review - Sharachchandram LéléSustainable Tourism Development: A Critique - Zhenhua LiuSome Fundamental Truths about Tourism: Understanding Tourism's Social andEnvironmental Impacts - Bob McKercherA Review of Utopian Themes in Sustainable Development Discourse - John Harlow,Aaron Golub and Braden AllenbyThe Concept of Sustainable Development: Its Origins and Ambivalence - CarlMitchamEcotourism for Sustainable Development: Oxymoron or Plausible Strategy? - SusanPlaceSquaring the Circle? Some Thoughts on the Idea of Sustainable Development - JohnRobinsonThe Five Dimensions of Sustainability - Lucas SeghezzoTourism and Sustainable Development: Exploring the Theoretical Divide - RichardSharpleyThe Growth and Spread of the Concept of Sustainable Tourism: The Contribution ofInstitutional Initiatives to Tourism Policy - A. Torres-Delgado and F. PalomequeVOLUME THREE: TOURISM ALTERNATIVESDeveloping

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