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New directions in health psychology.
Author/Editor:    Chamberlain, Kerry. Murray, Michael. , Murray, Michael. Chamberlain, Kerry.
Publisher:    Sage Publications Inc
Pubn Place:    US
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book (5 vols)
Pages:    1792
Availability:    Already Published.
Pubn Year:    Jun 2015
LCC:    R726.7
DDC:    616.0019
Price:    AUD 1,348.18 (ex. GST)
ISBN:   9781446287606
ISBN10:   1446287602
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Description: Health psychology is one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding areas ofpsychology as evidenced by the increasing number of research articles andtraining programmes. With such extensive growth there is a need for a process ofregular review and identification of the major developments, opportunities andchallenges.This five-volume Major Work contains influential theories andconceptual reviews while featuring empirical articles on a rapidly-expandingknowledge base. The collection showcases state-of-the-art methodologicaladvances and provides a significant resource for scholars in health psychologyand related fields, including nursing, public health, and medicalsociology.Volume One: The rise and fall of social cognition modelsVolume Two:The persistence of the psychosocial Volume Three: The increasing focus oninterventionsVolume Four: Differentiation in the fieldVolume Five: Diversity -The expansion of contexts

Contents: VOLUME ONE: THE RISE AND FALL OF SOCIAL COGNITION MODELSPart One: Theory of Planned Behaviour ? Developments Implementation Intentionsand the Theory of Planned Behaviour - Sheina Orbell, Sarah Hodgkins and PaschalSheeran Social Cognition Models and Health Behaviour: A Structured Review -Christopher Armitage and Mark Conner Efficacy of the Theory of PlannedBehaviour: A Meta-Analytic Review - Christopher Armitage and Mark ConnerProspective Prediction of Health-Related Behaviours with the Theory of PlannedBehaviour: A Meta-Analysis - Rosemary McEachan, Mark Conner, Natalie Taylor andRebecca LawtonPart Two: Theory of Planned Behaviour ? Problems The Expectancy-Value Muddle inthe Theory of Planned Behaviour ? and Some Proposed Solutions - David French andMatthew Hankins Does Changing Behavioral Intentions Engender Behavior Change? AMeta-Analysis of the Experimental Evidence - Thomas Webb and Paschal SheeranBeyond Behavioural Intentions: Planning Mediates between Intentions and PhysicalActivity - Urte Scholz, Benjamin Schüz, Jochen Ziegelmann, Sonia Lippke andRalf SchwarzerPart Three: Theory of Planned Behaviour ? Critique Some Problems with SocialCognition Models: A Pragmatic and Conceptual Analysis - Jane Ogden Old Clothesand an Older Look: The Case for a Radical Makeover in Health Behaviour Research- Frances Mielewczyk and Carla Willig The Theory of Reasoned Action: A CaseStudy of Falsification in Psychology - David Trafimow Time to Retire the Theoryof Planned Behaviour - Falko Sniehotta, Justin Presseau and Vera Araújo-SoaresPart Four: Transtheoretical Model ? Developments The Transtheoretical Model ofHealth Behavior Change - James Prochaska and Wayne Velicer Stage Theories ofHealth Behavior: Conceptual and Methodological Issues - Neil Weinstein,Alexander Rothman and Stephen SuttonPart Five: Transtheoretical Model ? Critique The ?Stages of Change' Model inHealth Promotion: Science and Ideology - Robin Bunton, Steve Baldwin, DarrenFlynn and Sandy Whitelaw Time for a Change: Putting the Transtheoretical (Stagesof Change) Model to Rest - Robert West Is There Utility in the TranstheoreticalModel? - Christopher ArmitageVOLUME TWO: THE PERSISTENCE OF THE PSYCHOSOCIALPart One: Psychological Characteristics Hostility and Health: Current Status ofa Psychosomatic Hypothesis - Timothy Smith Self-Rated Health and Mortality: AReview of Twenty-Seven Community Studies - Ellen Idler and Yael Benyamini TheAssociation of Coping to Physical and Psychological Health Outcomes: AMeta-Analytic Review - Julie Penley, Joe Tomaka and John Wiebe Health Status andthe Five Factor Personality Traits in a Nationally Representative Sample - ReneeGoodwin and Howard Friedman Psychological Stress and Wound Healing in Humans: ASystematic Review and Meta-Analysis - Jessica Walburn, Kavita Vedhara, MatthewHankins, Lorna Rixon and John Weinman Personality Is of Central Concern toUnderstand Health: Toward

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